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Sunday, February 26, 2006
3:44 AM

scandalism Posted by Picasa

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smile jerks! Posted by Picasa

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vintage time or just sepia? Posted by Picasa

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i don't smoke please Posted by Picasa

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what fu*cking yellow teeth u had Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006
6:15 AM

over this CNY, alot of things i went through
i saw many stuff that caught my eyes
i heard many mesmerizing sounds
and enjoy some good food
but CNY holidays is boring for me
most of the shops are close
and maybe for this very time, town is silence

i did something that entertains me alot
first of all, and some acquaintance treat me to a meal and movie
i watched fearless, i mean we watched fearless
much or less chinese movies are full of action
action packed!
ya, nice moves, great plot!

then i watched a japanese drama
i was really inspired by the whole story
the cast, the way they brought up the characters
and it also moved my maturity-i think
because its about love
and i don't think i ever been in there
watching those series wonder my mind off
dreaming here and there and all those imagination run wild

but in true reality, i don't think such things happen
one in a million perhaps
but i think i'm afraid of falling in love
where trust and compromise takes place
which i don't know how to handle
and there are some responsibility to play with
but i think my maturity haven't reach to that point yet

Sunday, January 22, 2006
4:38 AM

i had a meal with a friend's family just now i think around 6 plus
gosh the food is kinda suck
its really damn expensive
its not value for money
the price is high and the food is below average
come on they serve us food which we could get in hawker center

the family gotta fork out $500+
damn it man!
but we really so-called kinda have fun there
we took pictures but i don't wanna post it here
maybe you guys can check it out at my friendster profile
maybe i'm not gonna be publish it in my profile as i don't really want people to know who i'm connected with

we took pictures
and the funny thing is that the background of the picture looked as if we just finish clubbing which i don't intend to go during my teenage years
because i feel that one should be mature for this

Friday, January 20, 2006
8:06 AM

ok this week has been a really lethargic one
i'm really sick of it
packed with homeworks and assignments
i think one of these days,
i'm gonna pass out in the middle of somewhere
plus there are test coming up

is this what graduates got during their 10 months of study for 1 month of exam?
the pressure is really high and the competition is really tight
competing with people from high end school
plus admission to tertiary education will be an early problem
with people wanting to enter a poly when they are eligible for JC
its really a stressful thing when you enter a course with people who got single digit aggregate
you're going to scratch your head and every part of your body

so gotta work really hard

and ya i went to TP(Temasek Polytecnic) it's really cool there!!
the courses are great and the campus are packed with intelligent and really unique people
i went to School Of Energineer
but i wasn't interested with it because i hate producing product by the end of 3rd year
i prefer something hands on and prepare me for work
and chemical engineering is the thing
we learn more on chemistry which is full of interesting topics

the other one is diploma in tourism management
this is really interesting where you gotta deal with tourist
and SG is really emphasizing on it
and it would be great to be in the working life

Friday, January 06, 2006
11:49 AM

well i'm freakin' bored at this time now
and i find that bloggin will be the solution to kill this bored-ness
lets update on these recent days and some wonderful memories or bad ones
unfortunately, i just entered in the world of sec 5
which many says that its really stressful
some even gave the satistic that many can't make it to the polytechnic for further studies

i felt that the studies will be or may be stressful
i can't decide on the matter above
but what worries me is that the attitude of lazy-ness
will kind of develop
or already been in my genes
ok this is how many fail their exams

it must have a starting point to make this process to proceed
firstly u will SIGH
this is a sign which i think will develop LAZY-ness
then your teacher gave u assignments
then u didn't try it then u say to your teacher
"cher, i'll pass u my homework tomorrow"
then 2 days after the statement been heard
your teacher ask u for the homework and u say the same old line

as for me i had maths homework but i thought there is only one excercise but then there was two
but at least i tried and understand
only that i haven't finish a couple of question and i forgot to take my maths textbook in class
for me questions or subjects that are so called challenging are maths, science and the humanities sometimes my food and nutrition too
for maths you really gotta do consistent revision or excercises
for science, u gotta get the facts right
sometimes in physics i can't remember its formulae and some properties

humans and F&N is just reading and answering the answer specifically and they want u to know whether u understand the question

but seriously i think that from SIGH and LAZY
it could destroy your hope and not only hope but future if u didn't wake up from ur sleep and still in your LA LA LAND

some of my friends got stressed up already but as for me i think i'm kinda stress as everyone feel the same way too
some of my classmates even have a second thought
as for me i will not turn back as i'm already here
but stress is stress
no matter where u go when it'll come
stress will always come especially when complicated matters occur

as for me i'm kinda lazy but the good thing is that i really had taken reading as a good past time to past time
and it improves my language
the only problem now is maths
but fear not!
i got my friends with me to motivate me and myself, to push myself to work hard
i'm here and i can't be getting O cert that says that i didnt make it and had to go to ITE
i'm not looking down on the school
i also finds that ITE also offer good courses

i'm in O this year and many teacher say u gotta make it to POLYTECHNIC
so i believe people who already reaches this stage will got the same thinking or may consider a higher level of education in other school ..maybe JC

for whatever it is i just wanna tell everyone please work hard don't waste time and also for those of my friends who didnt make to sec 5
i wish u guys all the best in whatever u guys are doing!
all the best to everyone

Saturday, December 03, 2005
7:42 AM

its been quite sometime i didn't blog
so here it goes again
well i've just started workin
working for about a week already
everyones' there are friendly
some even want to backstab
but thanks to some people who helped
so that i didn't get bully
some people even scuttle-but about me
seriously i think working life is cruel
because people are good in front of you
but when you're not around they tend to scuttle-but about u inside out

and i also recieve a letter from MOE
which is kinda good news
but still i'm not happy and satisfied as something
very unhappy very unsatisfiying
of course is not sex as i don't do that
the time has not come for me yet
but i wouldn't be telling what's making me unhappy
i tend to be discreet about this
kinda personal
but the good news is that i got a letter
from MOE
telling me to attend event which will present me a cert. and a cheque
the letter stated that i achieve a standing of top 10% student achiving excellent result
its a so called good news or how should i say....
i get to sec 5 and proceed on taking O levels next year?
whatever its is i just hope for the best of the best for everyday and minute plus seconds

all this while i always being optimistic about the future
but then everything break like a pot of flower glass being accidentaly pushed and break into pieces
i thought that all these while i'm heading through an isle of flowers and beautiful scenery with chirping birds and the sound of running waterfalls
but then suddenly i found myself in a place
with pain and miserable feelings
but then i tell myself these are just some fucking obstacles to go through
as i noe theres a way out and theres light of hope
for that i end here at least i update my blogg dear readers

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
7:04 AM

well since N levels are over its time to really enjoy
i went to the cinemas twice this week
it was really enjoyable
very funn and relaxin
first of all i watch INTO THE BLUE
it was really nice
the view at the beach and the ocean was spectacular
ALBA was hot an the guy too
the show was really outstanding i grade it a 5/5 for the movie
the climax and the resolution of the movie were really interesting
well guys i can't give u all the details for the movie if not it would be boring
since i told u

secondly it was GOAL
a very inspiring movie which potraits about a guy`s bigg dream
the movie is packed with nice skills and also determination and passion
should watch this movie!!
even though i'm not a soccer-related fanatic in any way
but after i watch it i too wanna play soccer
its` super inspiring
this movie is a 6/5
a really must watch movie

and also there are many great movies coming up ahead do catch em!

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